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Starting Pitching Shines as A's Lose Late

That's it; I'm never publicly liking a new player again. After I said such nice things about him, Rosales didn't get a hit, and my favorite no-name relief pitcher absolutely blew up in the late innings. Bye bye, Fernando Hernandez; we hardly knew ya!

The A's lost to the Rockies today by the score of 10-4, but it was a much better game than that line will show. Cahill pitched a pretty nifty five innings; breezing through the first four, and running into his only jam in the fifth. He allowed five hits and one run, and while he only struck out one batter, he walked no one. Update: As NateHST points out in the comments, his line is nice, but "his 12 groundouts to 1 flyout was nicer".

His relief pitching; however? Yikes. Lenny DiNardo and Fernando Hernandez allowed four runs EACH and looked terrible doing it.

On the offensive side, Gabe Gross (in his effort to make the team) had four hits and Barton hit a homerun and just missed another (went for a double). Even Geren noticed (from Susan Slusser's Twitter). Geren also noticed Patterson's defense at second, so look out Mark Ellis!

Aside from Barton and Gross, the A's had exactly three other hits; a double by Patterson, a triple by Pennington, and a single by Petit. (Clearly Powell didn't get the memo.)

In injury news, Jane Lee tells us that Devine didn't throw today, Wuertz felt great, and Coco is "two, three, four days away" from game action.

That's all I got. Happy Friday, and remember: Only three Fridays until we have FRIDAY NIGHT GAME THREADS! Oh, can you stand it?