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Reds Kick the Sheets Outta the A's, 13-5


A's pitching coach Curt Young and manager Bob Geren examine starter Ben Sheets midway through the 1st inning Monday afternoon.

Goodness gracious, WTF was that all about?  I get a nice game thread up, all sorts of fun pictures, lineups, Gameday link, everything is in its right place.  Then I head to the shower to rinse off, and when I return 13 minutes 47 seconds later, we're already behind 10-nothing and no one is even out yet!  Nobody told me there'd be days like these... most peculiar, Mama.

It all started innocently enough, with a couple of defensive flubs by Jake Fox (Fox is now, officially, on the run after a truly lackluster Spring so far) and the usually-as-solid-as-granite-from-South-Dakota Mark Ellis... but by the time it was over and Sheets was taken out, the game was essentially already decided and I was free to go pay my phone bill and eat lunch.


Athletics OF Jake Fox, exploring alternative career options, works the crowd at Cobb's Comedy Club in SF

The A's did chip away a bit in the 3rd, getting doubles from Zook and the torrid Daric Barton, who is now officially hotter than the cute geeky guy I am liking on, DB's propensity to dive into empty swimming pools notwithstanding.  Kevin Kouz and Raj also had RBIs in that inning, which saw our guys put up a nice crooked 4-spot off Reds starter Mike LincolnAdam Rosales also knocked in a run in the sixth (he had 3 hits vs. his ex-team) and looks better and better to me as the SS to start the season, unless Cliff Pennington wakes up tomorrow morning and looks in the mirror and finds that he is suddenly Bert Campaneris at age 25.

Well as I sit here, KenKo has just given the word that the Mariners have announced their Opening Day starter for April 5th in Oakland... it's Felix Hernandez!!!  So it's Sheets (who will hopefully not give up double figures before I get to my seat) and King Felix, just a couple of weeks away!!  In other news, apparently Cliff Lee was ejected for throwing at Chris Snyder today, as the M's and D-Backs round into midseason headhunting form LOL


And I shall slay thee, verily, with my Magical Wooden Sceptre!

There's no game tomorrow (*hands you all hankies to dry your eyes*), but the A's are back in action in Phoenix on Wednesday vs. Los Gigantes de San Francisco, so we'll see you all front & center for that one ;)