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The "Better Late Than Never" Apology Thread

Sorry I couldn't do a game recap yesterday. Internet access was among the many "issues" my hotel had, causing them to offer a 50% discount on my stay (chocolate martinis for everyone, on the house!!!!).

Anyhoo, the A's looked very good yesterday in beating the Royals and specifically Trevor Cahill looked excellent in 4 shutout innings of 2 hit, 1 BB ball. He threw a lot of strikes and much of the contact was balls beaten straight into the ground.

Mazzaro looked great his first inning, but started getting balls up and eventually was touched for 3 runs his last 2 innings; you could see it coming as ground balls and strikeouts became fly balls, which then became hits/HRs.

Chris Carter had two at bats, a walk and a line drive single to right-center. At least this weekend, he looked a lot readier than Michael Taylor. Jake Fox really does hack at everything and looked terrible...until he hit a true bomb. I mean, "Swing, gone." I've decided he's Kevin Kouzmanoff without the defense but with hair.

I had a chance to meet and chat a while with Vince Cotroneo and have only good things to say about his personality and friendliness. Susan Slusser rocks, but you already knew that. And Ken Korach is simply awesome. Love the guy, love the guy, love the guy.

Happy Monday!