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Michael Taylor's Homerun Secures A's Win


Michael Taylor excited the fans today (yes that was a live picture from the game, courtesy of skigurl) with a homerun, and the A's combined their offense with mostly good pitching and mostly good defense to win this one by the score of 7-3.

Dallas Braden pitched the first three innings, allowing three hits; one of them a 2-run homerun by Ryan Braun. Ziggy pitched a scoreless inning, Jennings pitched two, and DeLosSantos gave up the only other run of the afternoon as Fernando Hernandez slammed the door in the eighth and ninth.

The A's scored their first run on a sac fly by Travis Buck and their second on a Powell ground out. The game was tied at two until the seventh inning when GABE GROSS TRIPLED to score two. (Side note: My parents emailed me from the golf course today, where they were playing with Gabe Gross' family. I promised to give him a shout-out in the recap, and he made it easy by untying the score).

But the big hit of the day belonged to Michael Taylor, who hit a three-run bomb in the eighth inning today.

For those of you who got the Buancast, Susan Slusser spent most of the game in the booth, which was awesome. She thinks that if Chavez is healthy, he could play up to 4 times a week at first base; she also thinks Rosales has a shot at making the club, and she thinks that Daric Barton should hear some footsteps.

We do it again tomorrow, this time from Tucson, as the A's take on the Rockies at 12:00.