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Open Thread: Game -26 (Chicago White Sox at Oakland Athletics)

The Chicago White Sox are in town today, taking on the A's at home in Phoenix Municipal Stadium. First pitch is at 12:05 PM. Ben Sheets will make his second Spring Training appearance as he faces (for a couple innings, at least) Daniel Hudson.

Couple items of news (from Susan Slusser's Drumbeat):

  • The Mets felt that Jay Marshall had a pre-existing shoulder injury, so Marshall was returned to Oakland. Recall that the Mets had claimed Marshall on waivers back in early January. It looks like the A's released him immediately.
  • Joey Devine has a mild case of tendinitis. He'll be on the mend for around a week.
  • Travis Buck had his ear flushed out after his dizziness yesterday. He should be ready to go today.
  • And in the best news of all, Justin Duchscherer threw 32 pitches yesterday, and everything seemed fine. He'll face live hitters on Friday.

Gameday link here.


CF Davis

SS Pennington

C Suzuki

1B Chavez

DH Cust

LF Taylor

RF Gross

2B Patterson

3B Tolleson



RF Danks

2B Vizquel

C Pierzynski

CF Jones

DH Rios

1B Kroeger

3B Morel

LF De Aza

SS Ramirez