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Celebrating the Career of Frank Thomas

In case you haven't heard, Frank Thomas officially decided to retire today. As Scott Merkin and Doug Miller of report:

The Big Hurt is calling it a career.

Longtime White Sox star slugger Frank Thomas, who is tied for 18th on the all-time Major League home run list with 521, told on Thursday evening that he is officially retiring.

His rebirth in 2006 with Oakland was really just a magical season for both parties. We finished 93-69 that year, four games ahead of the Angels for first place in the division. Frank Thomas made it happen. As cliched as it is to say, he truly put this team, pretty much bereft of offensive firepower, on his back and carried us to the ALCS, ending a 14 year Championship Series drought. I'll never forget the agony on his face when he was quite literally an inch away from turning the final out of Game 2 into a game-winning grand slam.

Here's to the Big Hurt. Have fun with your rebar in the Hall, big man.