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Time To Regroup...Again.

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With the "Beltre Offer Off The Table" Gaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhfest thread fast approaching 1,000 wails comments, I thought a new post might be in order. A few thoughts to ponder...

I see what looks to me like a lot of over-thinking in regards to the A's pulling their offer to Adrian Beltre. Does a team have more leverage when an offer is on the table or when it isn't? The number of suitors for Beltre is shrinking faster than a Giambi testicle, and unless Beltre wants to end up on the East Coast, playing for a team whose last playoff win was thrown by Scott McGregor (I just made that up, but watch it be true), down the line the Oakland A's might start to look a lot more appealing to ol' one-ball. No need to lose leverage by doing the high school equivalent of texting, "Haven't heard from you, just wanted to make sure you got my email from this morning."

Meanwhile, Jayson Werth's 7 year, $126M signing with the Washington Nationals seems to have sparked rumblings that anyone but Werth or Ryan Zimmerman -- and especially already rumored-to-be-available Josh Willingham -- are available in trade. Put me down as someone who thinks Willingham should be a serious target for the A's, a team getting nowhere fast in the free agent market and still in need of a COFer who is more an "impact hitter" than Ryan Sweeney or Valley Fever.

One question I'd like to pose for this thread, to those who have a good feel for realistic trades, is what a likely package would look like for bringing Willingham to the A's.

As far as DHs go, my first choice -- a certain Jack Cust -- just doesn't look likely, as the A's haven't even expressed interest in bringing him back at a lower price, as they clearly did last spring when they D'd him for A. Hideki Matsui is interested; oh joy. I tend to prefer Branyan (who could platoon with E5 or Conor Jackson) or the ultimate "roll the dice" option in "Man am I good for the 6 games I'm alive" Nick Johnson. Your thoughts?