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An Open Letter to A.H. Selig

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December 5th, 2010

MLB Corporate Headquarters

245 Park Avenue

New York, NY 10167

Attn: A. H. "Bud" Selig

Dear Mr. Selig,

The Oakland Athletics Future Home

I am writing you today to ask that you speak publicly about the future of the baseball team that I have been following for the entirety of my life. I do not wish to influence your decision in the favor of Oakland or San Jose, I just want a decision. In return, I promise to buy season tickets for the 2011 season and Charter Seats for any new stadium. I believe there are several other fans who share this view point and are, likewise, ready to do our part to help make whichever plan you endorse a reality.

When you appointed a panel of experts to study the A's stadium situation in March of 2009 I was cautiously optimistic that the years of stadium proposals and conjecture about where my fellow fans and I would be spending our hard earned cash to watch the team we love play the game we revere was soon to end. Instead, I have watched as the lack of direction from the one person who could end this ridiculousness (you) has helped to foster an environment that has eroded support, hampered my favorite team's ability to attract free agents and been generally divisive (splitting the fan base into competing factions).

I have heard the excuse. You have summed it up as a "complex" issue. I have agreed, and understand that everything from the Minor Leagues role in future MLB revenue streams to paying for the potential park are items to be thoroughly vetted. That said, 21 months is a long time and analysis paralysis has set in.

On the eve of your organizations annual Winter Meetings I ask that you make the case for one of the two scenarios. If the local media is to be believed, your stadium panel has done a thorough and exhaustive search that has considered timing, financing, revenue impacts, traffic, political support, and even the height of light towers and the path of airplanes. There are no more angles to explore. No new rocks to turn over. It all comes down to you and your willingness to make either Bill Neukom or Lew Wolff, and their respective partners, miffed. Please do so at some point in the next two days so we can all move on from this unnecessary purgatory.


Jeffrey August

A's Fan

PS- Please tell Lew Wolff that Josh Feinberg ( is doing an awesome job. I would love to reward his persistence and buy a ticket package soon.