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Winter Meetings Coming Up - What Do You Want To See?

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This year's Winter Meetings will be held December 6th through 9th; something that I hope will be of interest to A's fans. Is this the year that we sign Derek Jeter? Oh, sorry, wrong blog. At the risk of sounding redundant, the A's need offense. I'm not sure I can get excited about even the best of pitching until I'm convinced that the A's can actually hit. I think the most depressing part of last season was the absolute feeling of hopelessness when one of our pitchers would give up three runs in the first and we'd write it off as an insurmountable deficit.

In case you missed the news, Jack Cust, Travis Buck and Edwin Encarnacion became free agents. The A's have been courting Adrian Beltre, but there is no new news on that front at this time. The A's have reportedly been in contact with Lance Berkman, as well.

This quote from Beane discourages my hope that we may see some action at next week's meetings:

"The Winter Meetings are a great thing," Beane said. "The focus on baseball during that week is fun for the fans. But from a club's perspective, it can be a little bit distracting because, when you go down there, you end up finding yourself being tugged in so many ways from a media standpoint. That being said, I understand their value, but the work environment is not necessarily ideal."

If you were the GM, what would you do? Who is out there and is there any way the A's can get a big bat? A medium bat? Someone who won't be nicknamed "Swingles"?