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So, uh, Speaking of the Past, When is it ok to Pay for it?

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Past performance that is.

You’d think that AN would be a safe enough place to visit without having to read about a certain east coast-based baseball player and his so-called plight, right?

And it’s not really a plight for at least a thousand reasons, especially considering the guy’s not going anywhere, no matter what they say.

But it’s an intriguing plot from the standpoint that there are some who believe he’s worthy every last penny based on things he’s already accomplished. Someone even suggested- can’t recall who, but it was an analyst on MLB Network- that losing him had future ramifications, in terms of wooing potential free agents.

Yeah, like a player really needs to be convinced to put on a Yankee uniform.

The loyalty card almost never comes into play, mainly because players are often the ones seeking greener pastures. But it’s come up now with a Derek Jeter on the decline. He’s a five-time champion who has collected more base hits than any other pinstriped player before him, but in the eyes of some, it’s like "What have you done for me lately, chump?"

Kind of reminds me how it went down in San Francisco when Joe Montana and Jerry Rice were both forced to finish their spectacular careers elsewhere. (Yeah, I know Rice signed a one-day contract to "retire" with the team).

In Oakland, we don’t have that problem. We know eventually our A’s will become someone else’s property when they’ve grown up. Which is actually a very big problem now that I think about it. {cries}

I am sure there are some who will try to compare this to everyday life. But there are very few times when baseball takes on the appearance of everyday life. For starters, baseball players are better at their trade than I will be at anything in my life, ever. Except eating Cheez-Its, I suppose. I am pretty good at that. On the other hand, they do have a shorter shelf life. Jeter might play until he’s 40, tops, but I plan on serving beer at my sports bar well into my seventies. That is, when I actually open my sports bar.

So what are AN’s thoughts on this, if any?

Just know that your responses are pretty important to me. After all, my contract expires soon, and when Tyler dares me to test the market, will you be on the "Good riddance, Marquez" side of the fence or the one that says, "Don’t forget about the past"?

Have a good Thursday, all. And if you haven’t already, please take the time to read barryzitoforever's post on the 1929 Athletics, perhaps the greatest A's team of all time. Let me fix that: perhaps the greatest A's team of all time.