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Josh Willingham Traded to Oakland: Thread Number Two

I figured everyone needed a fresh thread to stretch out their legs, have a snack and just discuss the arrival of Josh Willingham to Oakland and the departures of both Henry Rodriguez and Corey Brown. I don't like losing a potential flamethrower in the pen as the A's aren't exactly loaded with guys who can bring the heat (although it will be interesting to see where Devine is after his surgery) but H-Rod did tend to be a bit wild.

So go ahead, make yourself comfortable and discuss the offseason of 2010-2011. As I said before, I still think the team needs to sign Adrian Beltre as well. And for those who are concerned about what happens to Chris Carter, I say to you, A's players are made of paper mache so don't fret, a couple of our pinatas are bound to break and the team will need the depth at some point in 2011. I do like the idea of Carter starting in AAA though just to give him a little more time to develop.

Chat away.