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Josh Willingham Traded to Oakland A's: We're Just Waiting for the Hammer to Fall

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Well, AN, are we happy yet? Josh Willingham of the Nationals is now here in green and gold. The A's have added two power bats this week (Hideki Matsui and Willingham who has averaged 25 home runs a year over his career in a 162-game schedule) to a lineup that was devoid of power in recent years. All the team really needs at this point is to sign Adrian Beltre and I would say that our team may even be the favorite in the AL West, depending on what the Rangers do the rest of the offseason. And even then, a Beltre addition plus Willingham and Matsui could get together an offense that is good enough to support all the excellent young starters.

Also, it depends on who those two players are. We don't know exactly who the A's have given up, but apparently the A's got Hammer so the Nats could clear payroll so I can't imagine it's anyone overly significant.

gigglingone  Update: A's officially announce deal: Josh Willingham to Oakland, Henry Rodriguez and Corey Brown to Washington

On top of that, they also added Brandon McCarthy and Rich Harden to compete for the fifth spot in the rotation. All in all, it's good to be an A's fan once again.