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Not Just Wishful Thinking - 2011 A's Are Getting Noticed

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Update: Ken Rosenthal reports that the A's have an agreement to obtain LF Josh Willingham from the Nationals.

Undoubtedly by now, you have heard that Hideki Matsui--proud owner of 21 homeruns in 2010 to go along with his .820 OPS--is an Oakland Athletic for the 2011 season. You may also have heard that the A's have signed the right-handed starting pitcher Brandon McCarthy to round out their impressive rotation, which should include Dallas Braden, Gio Gonzalez, Trevor Cahill, and Brett Anderson.

You may also remember that the A's traded Vin Mazzaro for David DeJesus (one of my favorite players), and I certainly hope there will be at least one more announcement to remember before the team heads out to Spring Training. We've all talked about it on AN, but I must admit to being pleasantly surprised at the lead story on ESPN Insider this morning: Look for the Oakland A's in 2011. The article (which I can't quote because of the Insider Source) lists five reasons why the A's will compete in 2011, and includes a comparison of the A's 2010 record in relation to Bill James' much-loved Pythagorean Record. Are you excited yet?

In today's Hot Stove News, it is reported that the A's are about to sign Rich Harden, pending a physical. [insert snarky comment here]

Speaking of Spring Training, is anyone heading out to Arizona?

I want to believe the A's will be competitive in 2011. Confirmation bias? Wishful thinking? What do you think?