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Happy ThANksgiving, Athletics Nation

As we ready ourselves for food and some other sport, and probably more food, I want to take a quick moment to thank the people who make Athletics Nation so very special.  So as not to omit anyone, I am taking the easy way out by not naming names.


On a personal level, I am thankful for many things.  But specific to this site, it is a privilege to share space with the most awesome and diversified group of people that make up Sports Blog Nation.


Or any other blog universe, for that matter.


I am in complete awe of your talent, and the time you invest- your own time- to make this site the premier place for any A’s fan to visit.  You make me think, and quite often, you make me laugh.


But more than anything, you make me proud to call the Oakland Athletics my team.


Our love is often irrational, and sometimes it is overanalyzed.  Yet swirled together, they make us who we are.  Sometimes we fight.  Well the great A’s of the early 1970’s fought.  A lot.  But boy, when they got between those white lines, no one could beat them.


And that’s how it is here.  At the end of the day, whether it’s through OPS+ or the length of a player’s hair, we are all here for the same purpose: to root like hell for the Oakland A’s.


Our Oakland A’s.


Throughout the history of the Athletics, the team’s calling card has been of feast or famine.  Surely we have seen some lean years of late.   But when the good times roll, they roll for a while.  I like to think that we are on the verge of another roll.  And not the kind to scoop up the last remnants of mashed potatoes and gravy off your plate.


Athletics Nation is so many things.  And that’s why I love it.  Down to every last snarky, hilarious, rosterbated, stat-injected, bacon-wrapped detail. With rally pics, of course.


You are my extended family, a community I am delighted to call my own.  In real life, some of you have become my friends.


And for that- for all of it- I thank you, AN, from the bottom of my green-and-gold heart.