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What Would DeJesus Do? Come to Oakland via Trade

Mazzaro World is officially over in Oakland. It was fun while it lasted, no?

The A's have parted ways with the 24-year old right-hander, shipping him with minor league southpaw Justin Marks to Kansas City.

In return, Oakland gets 30-year old outfielder David DeJesus.  Once again, Billy Beane gets a guy he's had his eyes on for some time:

"He’s a guy we’ve always liked," Beane said. "He’s been a well-respected guy and does everything very well. I think he’s just another good player to add to the mix of players out there."

Says PL78:

DeJesus had the most trade value at last years deadline and then promptly tore his thumb ligament crashing into a wall. He was headed for a 4.5+ WAR year when he went down, and this isnt a long term injury, it was a freak one, so its not a risk.

Beane is confident that DeJesus will be ready come Spring.  Next comes the decision what side of the outfield to put him and his 241-game errorless streak.  Could we see Ryan Sweeney in left?

Whatever the case, this surely bolsters an outfield (and team) that has suffered its share of injuries over the years.

Reaction at Royals Review.

Also, the A's are about to sign Vicmal de la Cruz.  Let the discussion continue.