Oakland A's acquire David DeJesus for Vin Mazzaro & Justin Marks AND make a crucial signing???

(note: will be edited for details as they come to light)

BREAKING 6:55PM PST: Apparently the A's are about to sign the #1 Dominican Republic prospect, potential superstar Vicmal De La Cruz!!!

Right off the bat: this solves a HUGE problem with our pathetic OF. Dejesus had the most trade value at last years deadline and then promptly tore his thumb ligament crashing into a wall. He was headed for a 4.5+ WAR year when he went down, and this isnt a long term injury, it was a freak one, so its not a risk. Mazzaro was totally unnecessary and I dont think we could have gotten a better player than DeJesus for him. Looks like Billy woke up this year.

Hello David DeJesus:

Goodbye Vin Mazzaro:

Goodbye Justin Marks:


31 in 2011. Makes $6MM. In the final year of his contract. Was having a career year in 2010 until a freak injury

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There's a good chance he will regain his type A status too, here's an article about it: