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Game 3 Tonight, Game 4 Tomorrow -- Who Throws For Texas On Hallowe'en?

A couple stray thoughts on the matter at hand, a matter which continues at 4:00pm PDT or so with Jonathan Sanchez facing Colby Lewis deep in the heart of Arlington...

* The Rangers will be down either 2-1 or 3-0 after tonight, with three choices for a game 4 starter. One choice is Tommy Hunter, who is a poster boy for why won-loss record is not the most meaningful stat. Hunter is, in fact, too mediocre to throw in a crucial game if you don't have to pitch him. Another choice is Derek Holland, who needed a compass, a GPS, and Yahoo Maps just to find the plate once in 13 tries on Thursday. A third choice is Cliff Lee, who would have to pitch on short rest only to pitch again on short rest in game 7 should Texas be so fortunate as to be asked to play one.

The data on pitchers throwing on short rest in the post-season is not especially favorable. However, if I'm Texas and my options are to roll the dice with Hunter, Holland, or Lee-on-short-rest, it's "Go get 'em Cliffy!" Then the Yankees can sign him and his arm can fall off, and everybody wins.

* Bruce Bochy may or not be a good tactical manager and he may or may not be getting breaks that make him look good, but I have to say the guy has managed the pitching beautifully throughout the post-season. Bob Geren could take note of how Javier Lopez and Sergio Romo are lined up to face matchups where they are most likely to succeed, Brian Wilson has been much used but not abused, and so on. Geren could also take a few notes on how when you actually use your entire roster during the season, those guys are ready to perform when you need them. Nate Schierholz, Travis Ishikawa, Ross-Rowand, Renteria-Fontenot, they all see the light of day often enough and/or have roles they can plan for, so that when the bell rings they are prepared and able to contribute, while key players like Buster Posey and Aubrey Huff are not exhausted. This message brought to you by the rotting corpse of Landon Powell and the last lefty Brad Ziegler was forced to face in a key situation.

Anyway, talk, chat, brood, quip, and I'll see you at 4pm for MOAR BAISBALL!!!