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Open Thread Game 162: A's v. Mariners

Europe - The Final Countdown (via EuropeVEVO)

We are down to the last game of the year. I think it is only appropriate that Dallas Braden is taking the hill in an effort to give the A's their first season at .500, or better, since the magical playoff season of 2006. After all, the best moment in recent franchise history was Mr. Braden's perfecto on Mother's Day.

The M's counter with Ryan Rowland-Smith, who is probably pitching in an attempt to avoid being non tendered.

Back to Braden, besides his perfecto.... Which moment, from the past season sticks out to you and why? Is it Coco Crisp's broken pinky? The first or the second? Brett Anderson's two DL stints? Trogdor burninatin' Safeco Field? Something else?

Back to today, the lineups: