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What If It's The Giants?

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A's fans haven't been worried about this question in years--eight to be exact--but as the Giants took a commanding 2-0 lead in the World Series last night, the question on all A's fans' minds is this: What if the Giants win it all?

I know a fair share of my Bay Area friends are rooting for the Giants; even those who would normally root for the A's. And certainly the Giants have the casual fan vote; orange and black fever is everywhere and not just because it's Halloween weekend.

But as I have seen from die-hard A's fans, especially a vocal crowd here on AN, there is a distinct number of people who are rooting for the Giants to fail; many truly believe that a Giants' win is a net loss for the A's.

Is it the red-headed step-child syndrome? The Giants have nice things given to them without earning a thing, while the A's have put together winning teams with no reward?

Will a Giants' win further push the A's out of the Bay Area spotlight? The A's have their championships; is that the only thing the franchise can hold over the Giants? Do the Giants win in every other category?

Is there anything good about the Giants' success? Isn't a no-name team without the Yankees' payroll ultimately a good thing for baseball? Isn't it a positive that so much baseball time and energy is focused on the Bay Area right now?

What are your feelings on the Bay Area rivals? Who are you rooting for and why? If you think the Giants' win will harm the A's franchise, can you explain more about why you feel this way? And what year do you think the A's will make it back in?