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Open Thread - World Series Game 1: Rangers @ Giants

Nellie Rules!
Nellie Rules!

The World Series begins tonight amid Giant madness in San Francisco and a bunch of stuff about fearing facial hair.  We were at Disneyland on Sunday and about every 5th person had Giants gear after the thrilling Game 6 win the night before (Swing the bat Ryan!).  I'm not saying I saw any jerseys with price tags still on them, but the bandwagon appeared a touch full. 

From all accounts, the crowds at AT&T have been fantastic and electric and tonight promises to be no different with the battles of the Aces in Game 1.  Cliff Lee, with his ridiculous run of post-season gems, takes the hill for the Claw and Antlers while Tim Lincecum, with his terrible hair, takes the mound for the Giants.

Here's hoping for a fun and exciting series.  My family is all abuzz about the Giants in the World Series (their celebration after Wilson punched out Howard was really great to see), but I am not sure I can pull against my BFF Nellie Cruz.  Should be fun to see the 2 Western Divisions battle it out.

Game is scheduled to start at 4:57 Pacific, but there will certainly be some ceremonies and intros that will push that back. 

Enjoy our last week or so of baseball!

PS: Warriors season also opens tonight...Go Dubs!