A's part ways with medical staff - and Braden sues them!

{Note from Nico: YANKEES LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's "lose," not "loose," by the way.}

I had originally posted the link to the article about the A's ending their relationship with team medical provider Webster Orthopedic Group as a fan shot. However, at cuppingmaster's suggestion I am turning it into a fanpost. I think it's potentially more significant than the firing of Sayles as head trainer (or even the "kicking upstairs" of former head trainer Larry Davis).

Yesterday the A's "parted ways" with their long time medical provider Webster Orthopedic Group. As others have pointed out, it is never the trainer who diagnoses player injuries but rather the medical staff. in recent years some players (Rich Harden and Bobby Crosby come to mind) have criticized misdiagnoses of their injuries, which lead to missing extra playing time.

The article linked above also mentions that Dallas Braden filed a lawsuit against the medical group and a specific doctor in that group. Thanks to the blog White Elephant Parade I have learned a bit more about the lawsuit. Most significant is that Braden alleges that the doctor told him that he would be removing material from a cyst (caused by an allergic reaction to a guard Braden wore), presumably for material for a biopsy. Instead the doctor cut out the cyst without anesthesia (OMG). Apparently the doctor also severed a nerve in Braden's foot. This action, according to the lawsuit, has resulted in permanent disability. Braden claims that the apparently permanent loss of feeling has negatively affected his pitching motion, which could result in more injuries and a shortening of his career.

While I'm glad that the A's finally ended their relationship with this group, it's appalling that it took so long - and perhaps a serious and career-threatening bit of malpractice - to get them to do so.