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Open Thread Playoffs - ALCS Game 6: Rangers vs. Yankees

Oh, Is it the off-season? I won't even try to compete with the headline, "Yanks take it to seven, or Texas is in Fall Heaven".


Anyway, as you may have guessed, the Texas Rangers have one more night before a winner-takes-all-game-7 to try to knock off the Yankees and go to the World Series for the first time in their history. Colby Lewis (who has struggled against New York in the past) will take on the Yankees' Phil Hughes (who has been awesome against Texas in the past) in tonight's game, starting at 5pm. My boyfriend Nellie Cruz is supposed to be in the lineup tonight, despite his injury, but Teixeira is finished for the year.

The Giants could not get the job done last night, which is good or bad depending on where you fall on the "other Bay Area team" rooting spectrum. They will play tomorrow afternoon unless Texas clinches tonight; in which case, the game will be moved to the night slot.

Are we rooting for Game 7's for more baseball? Who do you think will make the best World Series participants?

When does Spring Training start? When are we all going to Spring Training? AN Day Arizona?