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NLCS Game 2 Thread/A's stuff: Closing the Gap on the Mound

So, Halladay v Lincecum was not as good as the hype. Moving right along...

Last week we, the frog in my pocket and I, talked about some out there stuff regarding the A's offense next season. Now it is time to talk about the arms race (not Reaganomics related).... The Rangers pitching staff earned about 5 more WAR than the Green and Gold (and sometimes Black) pitchers did.

Time to rectify...

The first thing the A's can do to close the gap is to laugh when Cliff Lee signs with the Yankees. Why? Because Lee accounted for 3 of the 5 WAR gap.

Next, as danmerqury once suggested, trade for Jason Hammel3 WAR, and BOOM, the A's kick the Rangers to the curb where they belong.

Yeah, I know it is more complicated than that. Brett Anderson needs to pitch the whole season. Trevor Cahill needs to strike out more hitters. I am betting they will. And that Gio Gonzales will continue to get better.

Phillies v. Giants round 2 tonight!