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Open Thread: ALCS Game 2 and NLCS Game 1

Verified fact: Every time the Yankees win a game, God gives a puppy leukemia. I won't even tell you the bad part.

With Neftali "Don't call me Felix" Feliz oh so fresh after Ron Washington paraded out 5 other pitchers -- two of them for one pitch each -- in an 8th inning in which the Rangers kept neglecting to record an out, Colby Lewis will try to keep pupples healthy, matched up against Phil Hughes. Oh, and the Rangers have never won a playoff game at home. Ever.

Then Roy Halladay and Tim Lincecum combine for what Tim undoubtedly hopes is a joint effort -- ok, sorry, that was a pot shot -- to start a series in which the favored team has a second baseman whose first name is the same name as my bank. I should note that if this gives you no interest at all, then you're also like my bank.