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Open Game Thread: Game 160 - A's @ Seattle

Eighteen seems like a nice, round number, yes?
Eighteen seems like a nice, round number, yes? guys! It's the very last Friday night game thread of the season! On one hand, I'm sad, because baseball is about to take a very long hiatus. On the other, however, each Friday night from here on out brings us that much closer to the 2011 season! Eternal optimist, yes.

Tonight's game will feature Trevor Cahill attempting to put win number 18 on his 2010 baseball card. Cahill got roughed up in Texas his last start, and in two of his last three, so he'll be looking to end his great season on a high note. He'll be facing Luke French and the Seattle Mariners. Hi, ANers who are at the game! Wish I could have come!

We can look for more homeruns from Chris Carter tonight; he's batting seventh. The usual suspects are all in the lineup, and someone named Matt is in right field.

Here are your lineups: