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Twitter Me This

From Rotoworld this morning:

According to Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle, the A's have contacted the agent for infielder Miguel Tejada.
The Cardinals are reportedly out of the running due to the monstrous contract they handed Matt Holliday, leaving the door wide open for Oakland and other bargain-hunting teams. Tejada, 35, began his career with the A's. He hit .313/.340/.455 with 14 home runs and 86 RBI last season.

Update: Slusser's Twitter says that it was Tejada's agent that contacted the A's.

Athletics Nation has a Twitter account! I know this is news to many of you, since there are only a handful of followers. Want the latest news, stories, links to player interviews, and more coming soon; all distributed in 140 characters or less? Come play with us!

I am a recent Twitter convert. I mean recent. I haven't even Tweeted yet; I just follow. I never wanted to join; after all, what did I need with Twitter? However, after an entire baseball season of seeing other people use Twitter, I have changed my mind. Does anyone play Fantasy Baseball? Most of you follow the A's up-to-the-minute news. The value of Twitter is that it really does deliver the latest breaking news by following local team reporters as well as national writers. Information is shared well before it is ever published on an official team page.

If there is a faster way to get all of your sports news in one place at the touch of a button, I haven't yet found it. And with athlete tweets such as this gem, what are you waiting for?

My ankle ain't what's really good right now

For your upcoming baseball needs, I have consulted with a panel of experts and I have made a list of top baseball Twitter feeds for you to follow, including fantasy baseball.


For fantasy baseball, start with this one, a RSS feed that compiles multiple sources:


For the A's themselves, this seems to be a working list:

And don't forget these:

Do you like to follow A's players?

Ex A's players?

So what am I missing? Who do I need to follow? Any other great baseball resources out there? Who is your favorite athlete on Twitter?

Happy Friday!