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Athletics Nation: Creating New Relationships Since 2003

This is a rough sketch of how the popping the question went down.
This is a rough sketch of how the popping the question went down.

It is my great honor to announce that two of AN's online family have decided to wed themselves as real family.  And they happen to be two of my very favorite people.  Over the holidays, baseballgirl got engaged to Oaktown Power.  OP popped the question in Las Vegas and baseballgirl happily accepted.

I couldn't be happier for two better people.  It's been killing me not being able to share this secret romance with the AN community for a long time, so I'm finally blowing the lid on this one.  When I started AN, the whole goal was to bring together like-minded A's fans who were seeking a more intelligent discussion about the team.  Who would've known that it would lead to an engagement (a marriage and maybe kids - sorry, I had to go there)?  I'm just happy that two great A's fans are getting together because judging from A's attendance the last few years, we're going to have to start a program of raising our own A's fans.  Every A's fan will have to meet and marry another A's fan and have at least four  kids who are also A's fans.  We should have a fanbase as big as the Yankees in say, oh, another 160 years or so.  By then, Lew will have to have removed the tarp to accommodate all our great, great, great grandchildren.

Seriously though, congratulations to baseballgirl and Oaktown Power.  This is better than if the A's signed Chapman and Beltre.  Almost.  Please give them lots of AN love. And maybe this won't be the only AN engagement?  Hmmmm...