Why does Ray Ratto Hate the A's?

I'm sure this question has been addressed before, but can someone tell me exactly why Ray Ratto hates the A's? Since I don't live in the Bay Area, the only exposure I have to this jackass is what goes out on the Chronicle A's E-Mail Updates and almost every article about the A's is some sort of bashing. I mean is this guy angry because he maybe once got kicked out of the A's locker room for swiping towels or something or is he just doing an overkill job on being a Giant's homer? I read a lot of sports publications and every team has it's own loyal defenders and such, but Ray seems to go out of his way to vent his particular disliking of the A's- why is this? Inquiring minds want to know.....

I'm sure you longtime bay area residents can fill me in.

*Footnote 1/28**

I never intended this question to be an attack on Ray's physical appearance- that's totally irrelevant to what he writes about the A's. Maybe as Slusser says- he really doesn't hate the A's, but a casual reader of his articles would never be able to tell that.