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It's Time For Some Internal Business

It's about time we updated the ANcillary Terms. For hilarity's sake, here are the A's nicknames that are currently listed, for all newcomers to see.

  • King Richard = Rich Harden
  • Los Kirk = Kirk Saarloos
  • Band Camp = Dan Johnson
  • Booby = Bobby Kielty
  • Bunnies = Bobby Crosby
  • Chewbobby = Bobby Crosby with a beard
  • ChoCoBoCro = Chocolate-covered Bobby Crosby
  • Crabcakes = contagious Bobby Crosby
  • Cupcakes = Joe Blanton
  • Hotcakes = Mark Kotsay
  • MaEl = Mark Ellis, Krypton-style
  • Magical little elf (see also "Man-candy") = Marco Scutaro
  • PORN! = Nick Swisher
  • Two-buck Chuck = Charles Thomas
  • Utter Hotness = anagram of Huston Street

As much as I love reliving the glory days of Kirk Saarloos and Dan Johnson (Dan. Johnson.), we've needed an ANcillary refresh for quite a while, which is why I'm turning to all of you. What should we take out? What should we replace? What should we add? What about the other non-nickname sections? I'll be keeping a close eye on the number of comment recommendations as a rudimentary sort of voting system, so if you like an entry suggestion, recommend it! I'll take the comments with the highest amount of recommends and put them in the new ANcillary Terms.

Also, when I submit the finalized ANcillary Terms, I'll include a Stat Dictionary aimed at beginners. I currently have definitions for BABIP, FIP, tRA, UZR, WAR, wOBA, WPA, and + (like OPS+ or ERA+) as well as subdefinitions for variants like tRA* and xFIP. If you have any suggestions or questions about that, you can definitely do so in this comment thread or by email, through my address in my profile.