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Your Monday Morning Mesostic: The Moral Arc of the Universe Bends Toward Justin


No, you're not on LSD.  This is what it looks like to opposing hitters.

                               I Just watched Mychael

                                                             Urban, whose reporting I typically find

         less than Spectacular, do an



                                                       iN which some of the most personal


questions I’ve ever seen poseD to a pro

                                                                  athlete – qUestions that if misphrased

                                                                                         Could have been disastrous --

             were asked with the most enligHtened touch and


                                    The depth of Character and

                                             clarity with whicH these most delicate

                                             questions wEre responded to





               the resilient Makeup and will to

                                Achieve that

                 maKe our

                                 acE both what he

                                                          iS and what he can be in the





as a ballplayer and aS a man.

                              To express the cOmplexity of feeling a


                                                                    Parent must go through upon


                                                                                frOm a child when one is oneself a child

                                            of an Ugly and acrimonious



                                    is no easy Task – particularly in

a public situatiOn --


                    and I couldn’t heLp but find myself

                                     roOting for and

                              loVing this



                                                     piTcher and person just

                                                      tHat much more than I

        already dId.

                                     That’S really all I had


                                To say,

                                                            Except that you should

                                                                                     wAtch for yourselves, as I have linked to

                                                                                   Mychael’s excellent interview below.


Mychael Urban interviews Justin Duchscherer
(special thanks to micdog2001 for turning me on to this)