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Happy New Year!

NOTE: "AN exclusive" player interview coming tomorrow morning -- Happy New Year everyone!  -Nico

I'd like to be the first to wish all of AN a very happy and healthy New Year, and new decade! Any New Year's resolutions out there? Did anyone successfully complete one from last year? Am I allowed to make a wish for the 2010 Athletics to make this year a fun one for all of us?

We walked the Rose Parade Floats tonight, and as a special preview for AN, I'd like to point out a certain float, done by the city of Anaheim, that included this:


The float is spectacular. Aside from this:


it showed, in painstaking detail, all of the MLB team pennants (obviously made up of flowers):



The stadium itself:


Don't miss this one in the parade!

The question for the new year is this: Which player are you most looking forward to seeing in an A's uniform this year? I want to see more of Rajai Davis, but I'm not going to lie, I'm irrationally happy that Duchscherer is pitching. Anyone else?