Does Landon Powell deserve more AB's?

SSS or no, his bat appears to be "the truth" as kids say on the streets these days, and one cannot help but wonder how much better or worse it would be if he played every day instead of his current slipshod starts. He does have 3 HR in his last 6 starts, but those were over 3 weeks. His power ceiling is higher than Kurts right now but we dont have a spot for him at C or DH. This post here to ask you: what do we do with Landon?

Kurt Suzuki is a young catcher with a GG glove and average bat that will improve with time, only problem is, Powell's 20+ HR power appears to Be Here Now (Oasis RIP) and Suzuki still seems very fond of GIDPs and not taking a walk to save his life, which is hurting his OPS which is nearly in the 600s which even though we have put up with it, is just an unacceptable bat to have in the lineup. Sorry, its true. We cannot afford to have more than 1 sub-700 OPSing hitter in the lineup everyday. Thats the truth and it seems like more people seem to not care about this. This needs to stop. We cant accept this mediocrity in 2010.

Powell is the backup catcher, but he's a rookie and hasnt ever been given a chance to play everyday at the big league level before. He's also had an injury plagued minor league career that started late and kind of derailed him which is why he's getting his first taste at 27. The question is, if he keeps delivering with the bat and to a lesser extent his glove (which will never be at Zuki's level but appears to be decent), what do we do with him?

We can keep him as a great hitting backup who can sub exceedingly if Kurt gets hurt, move him to DH or 1B, play him everyday in September because the seasons over and Kurt is slumping, to get his value up or maybe one of the other options listed. Feel free to add possible scenarios I missed.