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Open Thread: Game 149 - A's vs. Indians

Trying to tie a season high with a 7th straight win, the A's send Dana Eveland to the mound...Oh well, we gave it a shot. But wait, there's hope! The Indians have said, "I'll call your suck and raise you sucktastic!" Fausto Carmona, 19-8 with a 3.08 just two years ago, sports a 3-11 record and a 6.58 ERA in 2009. With a WHIP of 1.81. That's not Dana Eveland territory, folks, that's me territory.

Given Eveland's propensity lately to go about as deep into games as Daric Barton goes into swimming pools, I'm thinking there's a decent chance Henry Rodriguez could get his major league debut today. That would be cool, if a little scary for everyone.


Cleveland Indians @ Oakland Athletics

09/20/09 1:05 PM PDT

Cleveland Indians Oakland Athletics
Michael Brantley - CF Adam Kennedy - 3B
Jamey Carroll - 2B Rajai Davis - CF
Asdrubal Cabrera - SS Ryan Sweeney - RF
Shin-Soo Choo - RF Kurt Suzuki - C
Jhonny Peralta - 3B Jack Cust - DH
Travis Hafner - DH Mark Ellis - 2B
Matt LaPorta - 1B Daric Barton - 1B
Trevor Crowe - LF Scott Hairston - LF
Wyatt Toregas - C Cliff Pennington - SS