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AN Day VI - The Pictures!

Basically, how cute are we?

AN Day VI went off with out a hitch, thanks to everyone who showed up to have a fabulous time! And did I mention that this blog can cook? Way better than stadium food!

I thought I'd put up some pictures for you all to look at while you're waiting for the rubber game of the series to start, and there are some people I'd like to publicly thank.

First mention goes to Leopold Bloom, for this work of art. Just amazing:


And to the car who delivered it and displayed it ;-)


To the salad makers...


To the user who brought and manned the "big ass" grill (TM):


To the AN user (his son?) who made the unbelievable cake pictured below:


Everything was green and gold, right down to the fortune cookies. Mine said that I should come to the season-ending tailgate.


Oh....the cupcakes. Gigglingone outdid herseif for sure.


And here's a rare shot; five of the front page writers captured all in one place, and look at the guy on the right? It's...could it's BLEZ!


Awwww....we still are SO cute!


Thank you EVERYONE!  A special thanks to Lynn, who organized the tailgate, and made the most delicious food you could imagine.


Today's game is at 12:35, Trevor Cahill will take the mound against Brian Bannister.