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Open Thread: Game 147 - A's vs. Indians

The suddenly streaking Athletics, who are on a four-game winning streak, will be playing the second game of the Cleveland series tonight before (hopefully) a slightly larger fireworks crowd. (According to the A's ticket service's Twitter account: The theme is a tribute to karaoke!) Last night, I think every third person got a souvenir ball.

Brett Anderson, who is one of the few A's starters not shut down for the season, will be going for his third consecutive win as he tries to complete a very successful season overall. Anderson has never faced Cleveland, but good advice would be to mimic his last start, in which he didn't walk a single batter. He also limited the Twins to two runs on five hits in his seven innings.

For a special Friday night treat, 28 year old Matt Carson was called up to the A's today, as Mazzaro was placed on the 60 day DL. Carson was a huge asset to the Rivercats; he led the team in homeruns and RBI's. He's in the starting lineup tonight for the A's. His whole family is driving up from SoCal to see him. This should be fun! Also back in the lineup is Bobby Crosby.

Since is on the struggle bus with the A's lineups, we're going old school:

Brantley, CF
Carroll, 2B
Choo, RF
Peralta, 3B
LaPorta, 1B
Shoppach, DH
Marson, C
Crowe, LF
Romero, SS

Your 2009 (and future 2010) Oakland Athletics:

Davis, CF
Suzuki, C
Hairston, LF
Garciaparra, DH
Crosby, 3B
Ellis, 2B
Barton, 1B
Carson, RF
Pennington, SS