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Minor League Update: 9-15-2009 A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words... I didn't have that much to say


First, the really cool news.


The Sacramento River Cats and the Midland RockHounds have both advanced to the next round of their respective play-offs. The River Cats are going for their 3rd consecutive PCL crown and what’s great about this season’s squad is that the current roster includes a fair number of high end prospects. Exposing them to the pressures of play-off baseball (even if it’s the minor leagues) can only help their development as ballplayers. The A’s have always believed that winning in the minors is important; as it helps the individual players unite as a team to strive towards a common goal.


Now if only we could get the organization to start winning in Oakland again… that would be a good thing. (Mean? Probably. Honest? Brutally.)


And how well are these wonder prospects doing in a play-off environment? I’ll tell you after the jump… so come on over!



You know you want to.





Henry Rodriguez: 1.1 IP  0 H  4 BB  2 K  3 ER

Sam Demel: 1.2 IP  3 H  0 BB  3 K  0 ER


Chris Carter: 5-17  4 HR  2 BB  5 K

Adrian Cardenas: 7-15  2 D  3 BB  2 K

Brett Wallace: 5-17  1 T  2 HR  2 BB  1 K




Graham Godfrey: 6.2 IP  1 H  3 BB  5 K  0 ER

Tyson Ross: 6.1 IP  4 H  2 BB  8 K  2 ER

Mickey Storey: 4.2 IP  3 H  0 BB  5 K  0 ER


Jemile Weeks: 4-13  1 HR  2 BB  2 K

Josh Donaldson: 3-16  1 D  2 HR  1 BB  5 K

Matt Spencer: 7-15  2 HR  2 BB  1 K

Corey Brown: 1-8  5 K

Shane Peterson: 3-15  1 D  1 BB  4 K


The numbers pretty much speak for themselves. Chris Carter… he hits ball really far. Ross had maybe his best start in AA and Mickey Storey has been nothing short of sensational this year, pitching for Kane County, Stockton, Midland and Sacramento. He has, amazingly enough, given up only 8 walks while striking out 71 in 51.2 IP.


The A’s are sending/inviting 36 players to Instructs this fall. I’m not going to write up the whole list but the notable names include 2009 draftees Ian Krol, Paul (Haven’t given up a run in the first 25 games of my pro career) Smyth, Josh Leyland, Max Stassi, Conner Crumbliss, Grant Green, Stephen Parker and Myrio Richard. Third rounder Justin Marks might join halfway through if he gets over a groin injury. Other folks of interest include Ben Hornbeck, Brett Hunter, Fautino de los Santos, Anthony Capra, Michael Ynoa, Nino Leyja, Jeremy Barfield, Rubin Rosario and Rashun Dixon.


The Oakland contingent to the AFL has been decided, health permitting. Jemile Weeks, Corey Brown, Grant Desme, Clayton Mortensen, James Simmons, Justin Friend and Sam Demel get to be Desert Dogs this year.


There’s a rumor that the A’s might call up Brett Wallace and Chris Carter after Sacramento’s season ends, but that would mean first putting them on the 40 man roster. It would be a dick move but I could see the A’s releasing Nomar and placing Chris Denorfia on waivers to make room for Carter and Wallace. I’m not particularly attached to Garciaparra but firing the guy with 2 weeks left in the season would be a classless move.


In a recent interview with A’s Director of Player Development Keith Lieppman said that the A’s consider 2B to be the best place for Cardenas. He sees Carter at 1B long term and counts Wallace strictly as a 3B. It is what it is, but the A’s seem to be fast tracking Jemile Weeks; if Cardenas is destined for 2B then ultimately wither Weeks? Keep an eye out during the AFL to see if Weeks plays some OF.


And thank you for your support.