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Open Thread: Game 142 - A's at Minnesota

I find myself getting short of breath, a little weak and dizzy, just thinking about the fact that after today only 20 games remain. Withdrawal...waves of panic...slight desperation...

I'm reminded of the time a few years ago when my doctor diagnosed me as an SOB. Seriously, I looked at his prescription pad, right after we talked in his office, and he had written "Complaint: SOB." But it turns out that's just medical short-hand for "shortness of breath" -- or at least that's what I choose to believe.

None of which has a whole lot to do with today's game, featuring lefties Gio Gonzalez against Brian Duensing. Yes, it's true: In this series I done sing "4 and 20 blackburn" on my man ship. The A's are trying to bid adieu to the Metrodome (FOREVER!!!) with a sweep. My most vivid memory of the Metrodome? It had to be when a high chopper off the plate bounced over the second baseman's head, was charged by Mike Davis, took a second kangaroo hop over his head, and went for an inside-the-park homerun. Goodbye, Metrodome. Don't let the baseball colored roof hit your Metrodomey ass on the way out.


Oakland Athletics @ Minnesota Twins

09/13/09 11:10 AM PDT

Oakland Athletics Minnesota Twins
Rajai Davis - CF Denard Span - RF
Mark Ellis - 2B Orlando Cabrera - SS
Kurt Suzuki - DH Joe Mauer - C
Scott Hairston - LF Michael Cuddyer - 1B
Nomar Garciaparra - 1B Delmon Young - LF
Bobby Crosby - 3B Joe Crede - DH
Ryan Sweeney - RF Brendan Harris - 3B
Landon Powell - C Carlos Gomez - CF
Cliff Pennington - SS Nick Punto - 2B