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Open Thread: Game 141 - A's at Minnesota

After last night's impressive victory over the Twins, the A's try to take the second game of the series this morning. The team has decided to pitch Rookie of the Year Candidate Brett Anderson today, on a week's rest, after he threw 5 innings last Saturday for the win. Anderson has been hampered by lack of run support on his rookie campaign; it was nice to see the A's mix it up for him last weekend.

He will be facing Jeff Manship, in what will be Manship's second major league start. Let's see if the A's can repeat last night. Take a good look at the Metrodome today and tomorrow; this will be the A's final series there, as the Twins will move next season. I'm still glad we have memories of the 2006 series.

Vin Mazzaro is scheduled to throw a bullpen session tomorrow as he tries to come back for another start this season, and prepares for 2010. The A's have shown enough pitching talent this season for me to be excited about the next. Now, can we kidnap Mauer and/or Morneau and taken them home?

Your lineups:

Minnesota Twins:

Span, CF
Cabrera, SS
Mauer, DH
Morneau, 1B
Kubel, LF
Cuddyer, RF
Harris, 3B
Redmond, C
Punto, 2B

Your 2009 Oakland Athletics:

Kennedy, 3B
Davis, CF
Suzuki, C
Cust, DH
Hairston, LF
Ellis, 2B
Barton, 1B
Patterson, RF
Pennington, SS