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4 HRs + 4 SBs = Series Win For A's

Speed and power! Who knew the A's had both? (Who knew they had either?) Rajai Davis (2 SBs) and Adam Kennedy provided speed, Bobby Crosby (2 HRs) and Kurt Suzuki provided power, and Ryan Sweeney provided a little of both, with a 3-run HR to start the scoring in the top of the 2nd to go with a steal of second later.

Though he was charged with 3 ER in 6+ IP, Brett Anderson pitched far better than that, blanking the Royals on 3 hits through 6 innings, with 1 BB and 5 Ks. He allowed three singles to start the 7th, but the pivotal one was a chopper off the glove of the leaping tiptoeing earthquake safe Tommy Everidge. Anderson was, once again, outstanding.

What a joy to watch the A's trot, trot, run, run, run, run, trot, and trot, while getting an excellent start and solid bullpen work (Wuertz, Ziegler, and Bailey each with a scoreless inning) from their pitchers. Rajai Davis has energized this team, Tommy Everidge -- whose streak of reaching base in every game ended despite two line drives -- has made the middle of the lineup more stressful for opposing pitchers, and Kurt Suzuki continues to fly under the radar as an All-Star the eyes of all but Joe Maddon.

Did you know that they play baseball in Baltimore? Who knew? The A's will go there for the first time all year tomorrow night. (Extends middle finger): This, Bud's, for you. The A's shouldn't make as many trips to Dodger Stadium as they make to Camden Yard. Sorry, I'm in my italicky place today. We won two series in a row!!!