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Open Thread: Game 111 - A's at Kansas City

A young lefty, believed to be Brett Anderson but with the option to be Gio Gonzalez at the last minute, takes the mound for the A's today, opposed by a right-hander strongly believed to be Luke Hochavar and only Luke Hochavar.

Anderson has elevated his game to the point where his only weakness appears to be the ability to keep every finger on his left hand healthy at the same time. To put it another way, Anderson is having "finger owies" so often that soon he will not be able to count them on one hand. You see, just three different finger problems on his left hand would leave him with only two fingers left to count three injuries -- well, it's very advanced Math; you'll understand when you're older.

With Edgar Gonzalez not available and the long-relief crew thus consisting of gigglingone and Leopold Bloom, hopefully the A's can get at least 6-7 innings today out of their lefty starter. Boy would it be nice to have two multi-inning relievers in the pen instead of Santiago "I'm good for 0.2 IP ... well, it depends on what you mean by 'good'" Casilla.

Lineups to follow at the top of the hour (with traffic and weather on the 8s).


Oakland Athletics @ Kansas City Royals

08/09/09 11:10 AM PDT

Oakland Athletics Kansas City Royals
Adam Kennedy - 2B David DeJesus - LF
Rajai Davis - CF Willie Bloomquist - 2B
Scott Hairston - LF Billy Butler - DH
Jack Cust - DH Mark Teahen - 1B
Kurt Suzuki - C Alberto Callaspo - 3B
Tommy Everidge - 1B Brayan Pena - C
Ryan Sweeney - RF Mitch Maier - CF
Bobby Crosby - 3B Yuniesky Betancourt - SS
Cliff Pennington - SS Josh Anderson - RF