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Front Page: No One's Leaving, But Guess Who's Coming...?

His life has been one long paragraph. He doesn't believe in capital punishment letters. A new front page voice is coming to AN in March, 2010, and his name is...

...emperor nobody! We've felt like we were a writer short this year on the front page, with baseballgirl, 67MARQUEZ, Flashfire, and me covering 7 days, and so we've lined up emperor nobody to join the regular crew with the new baseball season, to partake in the game thread, recap, and general front page madness that is AN. We think he's just insane enough to qualify -- heck, he was crazy enough to accept the offer to join the front page.

Why am I telling you this now? Because between now and March, emperor nobody will be easing in as AN's "super sub" and he will be making his illustrious debut tomorrow. That's right: He gets an Edgar Gonzalez start for his game thread debut. Life is cruel.

Now if his debut is anything like mine, first emperor nobody will put up 2 threads at the same time, and then he will accidentally delete Lookout Landing before somehow banning himself while authorizing Guam to invade Canada. Welcome aboard, EN!