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Open Thread: Game 130 - A's at Angels

What's the next starting time going to be, 1:23pm? In the fourth starting time in as many days, the A's try to take 3 out of 4 in the land of large mice. The last time Brett Anderson and John Lackey locked horns, Anderson took a perfect game into the 7th inning, Lackey took a shutout into extra innings, and Bobby Abreu's solo HR off Andrew Bailey in the 10th provided the game with its (l)only run.

Sorry that the lineups have been so seldom posted lately, but I'm en route from Sacramento back to Berkeley as the game gets underway, soon to be relying on Vince Cotroneo to be my eyes -- which is a little like relying on Marcel Marceau to be your spokesperson. Update, 12:10pm...And the lineups are here!


Oakland Athletics @ Los Angeles Angels

08/30/09 12:35 PM PDT

Oakland Athletics Los Angeles Angels
Adam Kennedy - 3B Chone Figgins - 3B
Rajai Davis - CF Erick Aybar - SS
Ryan Sweeney - RF Torii Hunter - CF
Jack Cust - DH Vladimir Guerrero - DH
Landon Powell - C Juan Rivera - LF
Mark Ellis - 2B Kendry Morales - 1B
Daric Barton - 1B Howie Kendrick - 2B
Cliff Pennington - SS Gary Matthews - RF
Eric Patterson - LF Jeff Mathis - C