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A's Come Back To Win 4-3 While I Watch Rivercats Game

Just got back from the Rivercats game, where the Triple-A's prevailed 9-5 (Carter and Cardenas each had two hits, while Wallace had three). Sorry that there's no recap yet, but I'm not going to do one since I missed the entire game and for me to write the recap would be the equivalent of, well, Angel Hernandez trying to umpire.

Baseballgirl, who was at the game, should have a real recap at some point. What I'll add for now is that Brett Wallace had only two chances at 3B tonight. He missed both. (A swinging bunt single on which he never got off a throw, and a throwing error that allowed a run to score.) Carter didn't have a single chance at 1B, so I can't say how well he can or can't play the position. It was nice to see 7 hits from the future 2-3-4! And Clayton Mortensen looked terrible.

Nice win tonight for the A's!