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Open Thread: Game 129 - A's at Angels

I'm up in Sacramento tonight, braving the 95 degree (and I'm talking Celsius here) heat to see the Rivercats. I look forward to offering a "SSS eyeball" scouting report on Wallace, Cardenas, Carter et al.

Meanwhile, I leave you in the capable hands of Otto (that's Otto Thread) tonight, and eventually in the even more capable hands of baseballgirl, who will have a late recap when she gets back from attending the A's-Angels game in person.

So enjoy the stylings of Vin Mazzaro and Jered Weaver, stay away from those pesky 7-run innings, Go A's, Go Rivercats, and go fish. No seriously, I don't have any nines. Spades don't count, right?

Note: Look for Otto to post a new thread at 8:00pm. He's very prompt.