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Open Thread: Game 126 - A's at Seattle

With the A's reeling from the stunning announcement that Bobby Crosby "does not expect to be a member of the A's next season" (You just realized this today, Bobby? All by yourself? Or did your daddy tell you right after he wiped your nose?), the A's try to salvage a game in this series.

In fact, Bobby, today's official word is "salvage." It's what you will try to do with your career after 2009. It's also the only yard where you're likely to get work soon. "Salvage" also just happens to be an anagram of "veal gas." Coincidence? Well, obviously.

Oh right, the game. Gio Gonzalez revisits the mound on which he tossed 5 innings in relief on the day the A's unofficially began the steep plunge into 2009-suckitude. Remember Dana Eveland fielding a bunt and throwing it away like it was his career? Yeah, that day. The Mariners counter with newly acquired lefty Luke French, who has faced the A's for 3 innings of relief in his career without allowing a hit.

As of 7:16pm, SB Nation has decided that both teams are going without a lineup. (In the A's case, maybe not a bad idea.)