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Open Thread: Game 123 - A's vs. Tigers

I finally have something good to say about Bobby Crosby! So as I dropped Blez off at the airport, who was dropping off his wife in the van in front of me but "ultility infielder extraordi-not!" Bobby Crosby. As tempted as I was to roll down my window and say, "Hey, Bobby, lay off the slider down and away," I didn't (it just didn't seem like quite the right time). But I wound up driving alongside him from the stretch between the airport and the exit for the Coliseum and I am thoroughly pleased to report that Bobby Crosby uses his turn signal every time he changes lanes. You go, Croz!!!

Anyhoo, it's the rubber game of the series with 20-year old ROY candidate Rick Porcello going against the weathered "double-jinx" stylings of 36 year old Brett Tomko. Tomko just needs to give up a "10-spot" to reach the important career milestone of allowing 1000 runs.

Kurt Suzuki has a well-earned day off today, creating an "even more amusing than usual" 3-4 in the order for the green and gold.


Detroit Tigers @ Oakland Athletics

08/23/09 1:05 PM PDT

Detroit Tigers Oakland Athletics
Curtis Granderson - CF Adam Kennedy - 3B
Clete Thomas - RF Rajai Davis - CF
Carlos Guillen - LF Ryan Sweeney - RF
Miguel Cabrera - 1B Scott Hairston - LF
Aubrey Huff - DH Jack Cust - DH
Brandon Inge - 3B Mark Ellis - 2B
Alex Avila - C Landon Powell - C
Adam Everett - SS Daric Barton - 1B
Ramon Santiago - 2B Cliff Pennington - SS