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Open Thread: Game 116 - A's vs. White Sox

Gio Gonzalez, drafted by the White Sox and twice traded away by the South Siders, makes his first ever start against Chicago, hoping to tame the Chisox so that I don't have to try to think of any more ways to refer to the Pale Hose. What does that even mean? A gardening tube that doesn't get enough sun? "Hey, we need to give our team a nickname that refers to a watering device -- can anyone suggest a corresponding adjective?"

Anyhoo, hopefully Gio won't be too amped up facing his former organization because an amped Gio is not generally a good thing. Gonzalez has been masterful of late, mostly featuring just fastball and curve with but 3-5 changeups in the mix. Gio has tossed 13 consecutive scoreless innings, and has a 1.46 ERA in the 4 starts since..."that start."

I'm sorry that I can't post lineups today -- if any other front page writer can do it, great, and if not some kind soul will undoubtedly list them in the thread.

NOTE: A new thread will magically appear at 3:00pm; look for it!