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Rain Delay Thread: A's 5, O's 0 Bottom Of 7th...

Until the game resumes, with the Orioles rallying (2nd and 3rd, nobody out), I thought folks might want to discuss the Alex Rios waiver claim by the White Sox, who will take over Rios' contract. We know this:

* The Blue Jays were willing to let Rios go for nothing in return.
* The Jays were not willing to take on any of Rios' salary.
* The A's could have claimed Rios before the White Sox had the chance.

On one hand Rios' contract, pretty reasonable now, gets awfully pricey by the end:

'08:$0.735M, '09:$5.9M, '10:$9.7M, '11:$12M, '12:$12M, '13:$12.5M, '14:$12.5M, '15:$13.5M club option ($1M buyout)

On the other hand, he's under contract for several years and is a quality right-handed hitter currently in his prime.