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Positive-Thoughts Pot-Luck Thread

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A third consecutive losing season is almost a certainty for our dear Oakland A's, and that hasn't happened since 1996-98, which came at the tail end of a six-year stretch in the red.

That's the last negative thing you'll read here.

As we near a much-needed Break, I wanted to open this up, not to vent, but to focus on the positives, be it the ones from the first half of the season (yes there were some), or what you look forward to in the second half and beyond. 

The clever folks at AN have come up with all sorts of witty ways to lament, but today is a day for silver line drives.  In a crazy year that has seen so many lives cut short in the sports and entertainment world (as well as the death of the DLD?), let's take advantage of this day off from the diamond to stop and smell the roasted peanuts. 

What are those A's-related things that translate to your Happy Place?  Maybe it's the week we spent in Mazzaro World.  Perhaps it's the awesomeness of Dallas Braden.  Could be something as simple as a mojo cupcake.

So I plead with you AN to shower this thread with sweet sentiments, and save the sarcasm and snark for another day.

Like, say, tomorrow.