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Fizzle, Sputter, Dud On The Fourth Of July

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Today my TV decided that its reception would consist of hundreds of small overlapping rectangles of parts of the picture, kind of like an impressionist painting. I spent the bottom of the 3rd inning on the phone, complaining to Comcast that I couldn't get a clear picture, but by the end of the inning I was thanking them and then called again to complain when the picture came back.

It was in the 3rd that a 1-0 A's lead turned into a 3-1 deficit, all the damage coming at the bottom of the order as Ryan Garko singled, Luis Valbuena doubled him home, and then Ben Francisco (where I believe I left my heart) walloped a 2-run HR right through one of the rectangles.

A quick side note: I learned today that what I was seeing (or not seeing) is called a "degraded picture," which really explains why my TV continues to put up with a verbally abusive toaster.

Back to the game, Oakland had most of its chances in the first two innings. In the 1st, the A's scored thanks to a Kennedy single, a Cabrera hit-and-run single, and a Holliday sacrifice fly, then loaded the bases with two out. However, Ryan Sweeney, so I hear anyway, ripped a liner to 3B as the A's settled for one run.

Then in the 2nd, two more hits gave Oakland another early opportunity, but Holliday's long drive died at the wall and the A's wound up leaving two more -- five LOB in the first two innings -- before Carl Pavano solved the problem by spontaneously becoming unhittable, including a stretch of 11 in a row retired.

Down 4-1 following Sizemore's 6th inning HR, the A's came briefly to life in the 7th when Ellis walked, stole second, and scored with two out on Cabrera's third single of the night. Holliday then singled to chase Pavano and the A's had the tying runs on base, the go ahead run at the plate. Unfortunately, said go-ahead run was Jason Giambi who -- surprise, surprise -- hit right into the shift. Say, how's that working for you, Jase?

For the 7th time this year, the A’s have followed up a Friday loss with a Saturday FAIL, and will "try to avoid the sweep" on Sunday. How nice.